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UofM MRI #3

A comprehensive equipment and finish replacement for a 2,250 square foot suite. The existing quench system and walls were maintained, but nearly everything else was redesigned and reconstructed for Michigan Medicine in this state of the art room.


Beamount, Royal Oak Cath Lab #4

Royal Oak Beaumont's Cath Lab 4 was in need of more than a simple equipment replacement. The room was expanded and reconfigured with a new Control Room and a reconfigured Equipment Room. Key features include new Siemen Artis-Q Zen imaging equipment, new lighting and a new anesthesia boom.


St. John Hospital "Central Hub"

A previous bed tower addition at St John Hospital and Medical Center created an important corridor intersection. This intersection was a great location for a new reception area and coffee shop. Mechanical shafts, low ceiling heights and masonry bearing walls presented challenges for the team.


ASC Schoolcraft

A revised floor plan revising Decontam and Sterilization rooms to accommodate three sterilizer. New finished and millwork.


Beaumont Royal Oak, IR #11

IR 11 was completely renovated to install new Siemens Artis Bi - Plane equipment. Ceilings, lighting, casework and finishes were replaced to support the new vision for the room.

new 2.jpg

Beaumont, Starbucks Farmington Hills

PDM faithfully executed Starbucks vision for this new Coffee Shop within an area of the hospitals lobby. Finish materials are all new.


Beaumont Cardiac Rehab

This Gym renovation consisted of a significant expansion of Suite and the construction of new support spaces. A staff room, group office spaces, and conference room.


Beaumont NICU

Beaumont Troy Hospital trusted PDM to bring their long term vision for a new NICU to life. 15,000 square feet of vacant shell space on the third floor of the critical care tower will be built out into a modern unit containing private, and semi private rooms as well as a nursery. Video conferences, 3D drawings, and full scale mock-ups were used to confirm the quality and configuration of the patient rooms.


Beaumont, Gamma Knife

For the Radiation equipment, it will be replaced with a new Elekta Leksell Gamma Knife Icon. There are no significant changes to the existing walls, the majority of existing shielding shall remain.


UofM MRI Suite A100

A comprehensive equipment and finish replacement. The existing quench system and wall were maintained.


Providence Hospital Simulation and Education Center

Built in a former Hospital Library this simulation center provides dedicated environment for training staff. The program includes a reception, skills lab, operating room with control room, a large training room, conference rooms, a virtual skills lab, patient rooms, exam rooms and a large classroom.


Eastern Michigan University Sculpture Studio Addition

The College of Arts and Science need more studio spaces and was working with a fairly tight budget. A prefabricate metal building was used to provide an expressive style with value oriented functionality.


Kidney Centers of Michigan

PDM was chosen by the developer to design this building shell for its tenant; Kidney Centers of Michigan. Our familiarity with the needs of Dialysis helped to strengthen communication with Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects who designed the interior.


Providence Southfield Cancer Infusion and Pharmacy

This is a 9,900 Square Foot renovation of the second floor of the Southfield Cancer Center.  This was a three phased project which included Infusion, Pharmacy, Exam Rooms and Physicians Offices.  The Pharmacy was build to handle hazardous and non hazardous drugs per USP 800 Standards.


Fraser Villa Generator Replacement

In a partnership with Ferndale Electric we solved a very challenging generator replacement project.  This sensitive installation put new life in an aging facility which was land-locked in an existing neighborhood.


St. Josephs Mercy Hospital, Chelsea Lab Renovation

Adding a Pathology Room to an already crowded laboratory is just the type of challenge we thrive on.  With the help of hospital staff we carefully analyzed work-flow, corridor sizes and work surface areas to build a more efficient Lab.  This growing community hospital will have more services in-house than ever before.

North East View.jpg

Park MOB Building Shell

Using wood frame construction made this small 6,700 sf. building more economically feasible for the developer without compromising its appeal to potential tenants.  As part of our ongoing relationship with the developer we've also provided tenant space plans for the building.


Providence Park Hospital Suite Replacement

A new diagnostic imaging suite with patient holding areas developed in an existing shell space within the hospital.

ear 13.JPG

Michigan Ear Institute

The expansion of Suite 101 space to provide for a new Physical Therapy Center. The renovation will include 3 offices, open office, storage room, toilet room, and break room.


Premier Medical Clinic

An all new Medical Office Suite buildout for a general practice physicians group.

Vandeburg 2.jpg

Oakland University Vandenberg Hall

PDM provided schematic design,

design development, construction documents and construction administration services for the new Vandenberg Food Prep, Servery and Dining Room.

The goal of this project was to improve efficiencies, circulation, and aesthetic appeal.  Oakland University expressed interest in increasing the space and food preparation capabilities of the serving areas.  One example can be found at the pizza station, where a stand up corner oven was provided to save space and open up the preparation area for future expansion.


Starbucks Dearborn

There will be a new Starbucks location and the scope of work will consist primarily of a few new walls, new casework, equipment, and new finishes.


IR 14

Renovation of existing radiology room to support new IR equipment. New finishes and ceiling will be provided for this 950 sq. ft. renovation.

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