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Managing Design

At PDM we are focused on being efficient with your funding. 

We understand that you are looking for highly skilled staff who use their time wisely. 

Hours Available : Our firm is set up to keep overhead expenses well below the industry norm. This allows us to have more hours available to work on each project. Having adequate hours dedicated to completing projects is one of the most important benefits we offer.

Volume of Work : Our team typically produces 20-30 projects a year. This includes design, cost estimates, and construction administration. This volume allows gives us a good baseline to compare bidding and construction costs. The result is faster and accurate construction cost estimates.  

Keeping Projects on Track : Typically at the beginning of the Design Development phase we will start our estimate so that we can get an early understanding of the scope and make sure it is within budget. This allows the design team to keep the project on track, unburdened with extra, unfunded scope. Our team will inform a client when they are considering a decision that could put a project budget in jeopardy, so that they understand that the cost will need to be offset elsewhere.

- Due Diligence : Typically done by senior staff. Due diligence is documenting the existing building conditions. This includes securing previous all record drawings of the building, measuring spaces, and taking extensive photographs. We also look above ceilings, trace routes for utilities, and visit the site as many times as required to find the correct information. Proper due diligence saves time and money in the long run.

- ​Team Size : Our project team are typically small and dedicated to the project. This is essential for small and  complex projects. Passing of information between many team members can be unreliable; resulting in Change Orders and unsatisfied clients.  We tend to avoid communication problems by using small teams dedicate to the projects at hand.

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