• Hours Available on each project - Our firm is set up with the intent to keep overhead expenses well below the industry norm. This allows us to have more hours available to work on each project. Having adequate hours dedicated to complete projects is one of the most important benefits we offer.
  • Volume of Work - Our team typically produces about 20-30 projects a year. This includes design, cost estimates, and construction administration. This volume allows us to evaluate our work to what is bidded and constructed. The result is a better handle on designing and estimating complex projects, quickening the estimating process. 
  • Keeping Projects on Track - Typically at the beginning of Design Development phase we will start our estimate so that we can get an early understanding of the scope and make sure its within budget. This allows the design team to keep the project on track, and unburdened with a lot of extra, unfunded scope.  Our team will even inform a client that a decision they are making will potentially put the project budget in jeopardy without a corresponding reduction in scope elsewhere.
  • Due Diligence - Typically done by senior staff. Due Diligence is documenting the existing building spaces. This includes securing previous record drawings of the building and/or any previous build-outs for verification in field, and taking photographs and videos. Also includes looking above ceilings, tracing routes for utilities, and visiting the site as many times as possible to obtain the correct information needed.  With the proper Due Diligence, we keep unexpected or unplanned costs from arising.
  • Team Size - Our project team typically consists of few people that are dedicated to the project. This is essential for small complex projects. Passing of information or the lack thereof, is typically a reason for Change Orders and unsatisfied customers. We tend to avoid this by keeping the team small and dedicated to the project they are working on.
  • 3D Images / Study Models - We know most clients have difficulty reading and understanding 2D drawings. Upon request, we can provide images of our design in 3D which greatly enhances the ability for our clients to understand and help shape the environment they will be working in. Some examples can be found on our Portfolio Page.
  • Space Allocation / Presentation Drawings - Early in the Design Phase we typically produce a design drawing outlining the criteria and/or spaces of the project based on information given to us by the client. The plan is brought to meetings and updated as the project moves forward until final design is approved.
  • Working closely with owners and users to develop plans and documents for general purpose bidding.
  • Cost Estimating, project scheduling, phasing, and interim moves are included.

Design Support:

Traditional Design-Bid-Build:

Feasibility Studies and Master Planning:

  • Similar to Owner Representation, but with additional responsibilities.
  • In addition to representing owner, we participate in directing A/E and CM Services in addition to Owner's staff services.
  • Develop schedules, temporary operations, select additional required vendors.
  • Responsibility for overall project implementation.

• Experience

• Dedication

• Communication

Design Assist and Design Build Services:

The Value We Bring

Project and Program Management:​

  • Focus on comprehensive total impact of project.
  • Investigative Reports in easily understood graphic and narrative formats.
  • Recognize potential cultural and operational improvements for every project.
  • Practical, sensitive solutions to existing conditions does not exclude creative solutions.
  • Design Assist allows for inclusion of the general contractor, mechanical and electrical subcontractors early in the design process to obtain key information such as, capacities, cost, options and construction constraints.
  • Early competitive bidding allows for the transfer of some design and documentation responsibility to select key subcontractors in order to reduce redundancy and shorten the project time cycle.

Our Services

Services We Offer

Owner Representation:

  • Extension of our staff during implementation of significant projects.
  • Coordinate RFP's, selection process, scope definition, expectations, responsibilities of the Architect / Engineer and Construction Manager, and Third party design reviews before Bidding / Construction.
  • Coordination of Low-Voltage cabling, Phones, Security Systems, Audio / Visual Systems and Furniture / Equipment Moving Management.

Cost Management: